• Art Deco style bull with an homage to Dekotora
  • Two propane poofer flame effect horns that can be positioned forward (charging) or wide (longhorn)
  • Three tone oak herringbone pattern  hardwood floors on the upper and rear passenger decks
  • Brass nose ring
  • Damask pattern repeating through the vehicle interior
  • A custom beaded chandelier over the hood
  • Purple velvet entry ropes
  • Art deco, waterfall railings on the entry stair
  • Custom purple fire extinguishers
  • Vintage tail lights

Base Vehicle

2002 Ford Ranger Supercab

  • Ford Motor Company, USA, Ford, Truck (Completed Vehicle)
  • Hydraulic brake system, Class C GVWR, 4001 – 5000 pounds
  • Ranger, 4×2, Pickup Supercab 2-Door
  • 3.0 EFI, V-6, Gasoline, Ford 02 – Model year 2002
  • Assembly Plant – Twin Cities: St. Paul, Minnesota, Ford Division Vehicles