Begin Suspension Upgrades

The truck suspension needs new bushings all around. Rather than replace the bushings in the front, we chose to replace the upper and lower control arms. For the suspension the total replacement, addition, and upgrade part list is:

  • Upper control arms (replace for new bushings)
  • Coil springs (slight load upgrade)
  • Lower control arm (replace for new bushings)
  • Front sway bar (replace for new bushings)
  • Front shocks (replace)
  • Rear flat spring bushings (replace)
  • Rear coil over shocks (upgrade)
  • Rear sway bar (addition; normally only in 4×4 models)
  • Helper springs (addition)

Note: Initially we thought we would airbag the suspension to increase it’s load capacity. After considering the price of buying and maintaining airbags, we decided to try the aforementioned upgrades first.