What is it going to be?

I cannot speak for the rest of the team, but normally when I set out to make something, I have an overall concept in mind, even an image of what the end product will look like. In this case, we had a “mutant vehicle” as the end goal with no overall design concept. We did have some ideas about the vehicle’s requirements:

  • Hold 10 – 12 people including the driver
  • Be compelling at day and night
  • Have a nice 12v car audio sound system (not a PA)

So, this has been a backwards process for me. Initially we thought it would be a moving platform for art. We could perhaps build a something that rotates to build a zoetrope  or disco mirror tube on (and maybe one day, we’ll do that).

Over time we’ve been looking and researching. We ran across Dekatora, the amazing Japanese truck culture that has a lot of chrome, lights, murals, and stylish interiors. Then a few of us also expressed an affinity for the art nouveau and art deco movements and saw that as a potential style influence. The more we thought on this, something began to emerge.

We’re from Texas. Texas is known for steers. So let’s build an art deco bull with an homage to Dekatora…

And DECOTORO was conceived.

Now to get to the specifics of making this thing look like a bull. And a logo so we can start producing cool swag.

Maintenance Phase Complete!

In as much as maintenance is ever complete…

Our maintenance phase is complete! We have:

  • Changed the brake pads, brake shoes, and bled the brakes
  • Changed engine oil and filter
  • Flushed the radiator and replaced the coolant
  • Replaced the transmission oil radiator
  • Replaced spark plugs and plug wires
  • Replaced the air filter
  • Put in a new belt fit for no AC compressor
  • Replaced the tensioner pulley assembly

After pulling the entire dashboard, steering column, and the interior side of the wiring harness, we had many concerns about being able to start the truck again. We scheduled an all hands and gave it our best shot and after an hour of referencing wiring schematics, plugging stuff in, and taking some guesses, we started the truck. It runs nicely!

Now to complete the upgrade phase. Next steps are redoing the new cockpit. Steering, shifter, and seats.