Decotoro Rides Again!

With a number of quality work days in the last weeks we have been able to make the Decotoro base vehicle drive-able again. We mounted the racing seats, mounted a shifter, and added a steering wheel.

Notes: We mounted the passenger side seat on a 360° swivel.  For the shifter, since we removed the original steering column, we bought 2003 Mercury Sable console shifter off of eBay and then we mounted it in the driver side A-pillar. I look forward to posting this mod to the Ford Ranger/Explorer forums. There are quite a few discussions about moving the shifter from the steering column to the floor. I don’t suppose this would work for everyone since most people are likely keeping the doors and hinges on.

Then we added a steering column and steering wheel.

With the excitement of driving again we ran the power steering pump while dry and ended up replacing it. We are now left with a minor power steering fluid leak to repair.

Now we are finishing the cockpit metal work, dashboard, and wiring harness.

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