Jounce Bumpers

We have not come across many mutant vehicles that use a Ford Ranger as a base. I did find one however. I corresponded with them about our build plan and they seemed to think we were on the right path. The one suggestion they provided was to invest in a good set of jounce bumpers. There is quite a bit out there in the jounce bumper/bump stop world and it is a wide price range ($10 – $400). In looking at jounce bumpers and bump stops, everything started looking like Kong dog toys to me. Did you know that Kong dog toys were designed after suspension bump stops?

We wanted something that would touch most of the time with some load and still have some travel. In the front we are using a pair of bumpers from Airbag Man Suspension out of Brindale, Australia. On the rear we have a pair of Daystar, Universal Stinger bump stops.

While the front stops easily went into place where the original bump stops mounted to the lower control arms, brackets had to be made for the rear stops