We are finishing painting all of the wood for the vehicle. Each piece requires two to four colors plus primer and multiple coats. It is a slow process but we have been working at most everyday it for a few weeks now. The end is in sight!


We are getting into the last pieces to be fabricated. Carpentry details have been added to the head.

And the bridge/tail is made.

Light boxes

Our lighting design includes a number of light boxes. Some of the pieces that were started a while back are now getting cut open to put light boxes in them.

Looking forward to seeing them fully lit.


We have fabricated all of the flyers. They are made in one inch round tube and covered in perforated metal. Fabrication involved many long, thin jigs, lots of cut wheel work, and a large amount of TIG welding.

The finished flyers are then carefully painted in chrome.


It had been a while since we started the vehicle. Due to some recent changes we needed to move some things around and redo our work space. Also a great opportunity to start the vehicle. So, wiring harness back in and on the first try she started right up!

We also got our first view of both horns out in longhorn position.

New shapes!

The beginning of June has seen us add sides to the head and front frames and build a number of frames for the side pieces (we call them rounds and flyers).


It is time for our bull to get branded!

Our outstanding logo was created by the incredibly talented Scott Powers. Not only did he create this, he is responsible for all of our 3D renderings. His help has been an important part of the success we have had to date with this project. More of Scott’s work can be seen here –


The team has been hard at work on the bull horns recently. These horns are no simple piece. First, the total span over the vehicle when articulated into “longhorn mode”, will be over 25 feet. Second the horns are the vehicle’s flame effects. And finally, we have to run electric into them and light them up. So yeah, large, moving, well lit, flame effects. Okay, cool.

More Fabrication

April has seen us pushing to get more of Decotoro made, fitted, and eventually ready for paint. In the last week we have skinned the hooves(front and rear) and framed the skirts in between.

Brett has done a brilliant job framing up an art deco keystone inspired cowcatcher.